How to Make a Funnel Chart in Excel

Funnel charts are often used to represent different stages in a sales or marketing process and show the amount of sales revenue or customer for each stage. In this article, you will learn two different ways to create a funnel chart in Excel.

How would you like to create your Funnel Chart?

How to Make a Funnel Chart in Excel

Using a Stacked Bar Chart

The first way to create a funnel chart in Excel is to use a stacked bar chart. You can follow the steps below.

1.  Open the Excel worksheet that you want to insert a funnel chart and input your data. Please note that the data in the column of Horizontal Space is essential. If you don’t add this column of data, the final chart may look strange.

add data

2.  Select the data without the row headings (it’s A2: C6 in this example); go to Insert > Column or Bar Chart, select Stacked Bar.

example bar chart

3.  Right-click on the vertical axis, choose Format Axis on the contextual menu to open the Format Axis, then tick Categories in reverse order.

reverse vertical axis

4.  Right-click on the blue bar to select them all, choose No Fill on the contextual menu to make the blue bars invisible. Double-click on the chart title and type your own.

5.  Click on one of the orange bars to open the Format Data Series pane if you don’t close the right pane in Step 3. Then move the slider of Gap Width to 0%.

change gap width

6.  Similarly, you can change the fill color of the Customer bars. Use the Add Chart Element option next to the funnel chart to add data labels and delete legends

add data label
Using a SmartArt Shape

To insert a SmartArt shape as your funnel chart, you can use an inverted pyramid from the SmartArt graphic gallery. Here’s how to do this with the following instructions.

1.  Go to Insert > SmartArt and select the Inverted Pyramid in the Pyramid

2.  Click the arrow icon to open the Text pane and input your data and information.

smartart funnel

3.  Select the chart and SmartArt Tools will show up on the ribbon. You can customize your chart with the editing options under SmartArt Tools, including Change Colors, Change SmartArt Styles, Add Shape, etc.

How to Make a Funnel Chart in EdrawMax

Now, with (EdrawMax Online ), you are able to make a funnel chart more quickly with a few simple steps. Besides, after you sign up for EdrawMax, you can also use pre-made funnel templates in the template gallery freely.

edrawmax funnel template

Here is how to create a funnel chart in EdrawMax from scratch. Just follow the steps below and it’s much easier than those in Excel.

1.  Enable (EdrawMax Online), click the plus icon on the template gallery and open a blank drawing page.

2.  Select Insert > Chart to open the Insert Chart dialog box, and choose the Funnel Chart.

3.  Select the example funnel diagram and change the example data with your own in the Chart (Data) There you only need to add stage titles and corresponding values.

edrawmax add data

4.  The formatting and editing tools in EdrawMax Online are mostly on the right pane and the toolbar. Users can try it several times and get familiar with the powerful drawing features in EdrawMax and then you will find a lot of surprises.

edrawmax formatting tool

How to Export an Edraw Chart as an Excel File

When you complete your funnel diagram in EdrawMax Online, you can choose to save it in the cloud, export it in common formats or share it with others.

Firstly, navigate to File > Save As and select to save your chart in Edraw personal cloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Next, click Export, choose a format on the menu and the document will be saved on your computer automatically. Actually, EdrawMax allows users to export their documents as MS Office files and these files are all editable and printable in MS Office programs.

edrawmax export excel

Finally, click Share on the menu or the upper right corner and then you can choose the desired way for sharing your funnel charts with others, such as a website link, a QR code and a piece of HTML code.

edrawmax share window

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