AT&T SWOT Analysis

EdrawMax’s AT&T SWOT analysis helps point out the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the biggest telecom company in the world!

1. Lead-in

The SWOT analysis of a company plays a significant role while analyzing its position in the present market. AT&T is one of the top telecommunication service providers and has secured its place in a highly competitive market. To find out its current status and business strategies, you may use the AT&T SWOT analysis. The AT&T SWOT analysis explains the strengths and weaknesses of the company while analyzing its opportunities and threats. In this article, we will introduce EdrawMax Online that helps in creating AT&T SWOT Analysis diagrams with free templates.

2. About AT&T

2.1 Introduction of AT&T

American Telephone and Telegraph, also known as AT&T, is a public company established in 1983. Headquartered in Dallas, they are one of the largest mobile and telephone service providers in the United States. In 2022, they earned the 13th rank on the Fortune 500 of the largest United States corporations.

2.2 Overview of AT&T

Name AT&T
Founded October 5, 1983,
Industries served Telecommunication
Geographic Area Served Worldwide
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, USA
Current CEO John T. Stankey
Revenue (US$) 168.86 billion (in 2021)
Subsidiaries DirecTV
Employees 203,000
Main Competitors Comcast, Sprint, Verizon, Vodafone, etcetera

2.3 History of AT&T

1885 Establishment of Bell Company's subsidiary, American Telephone, and Telegraph company.
1983 Rebranding of the company and AT & T starting their business.
1991 AT&T buys NCR Corp.
1994 Acquisition of McCaw Cellular Communications Inc.
1999 AT&T receives approval of purchasing Tele-communications Commission
2000 AT&T announces they will divide into four companies in 2002
2001 They agree to buy AT&T’s cable-television unit
2005 SBC agrees to purchase AT&T
2006 Acquisition of regional Bell Operating Company, BellSouth
2007 AT&T purchased Interwise for $121 million
2009 AT&T purchased Centennial Communication Corp for $944 million
2011 AT&T bought $1.93 billion worth of spectrum from Qualcomm
2013 AT&T acquired Leap Wireless for $1.2 billion
2014 AT&T purchased DirecTV for $67.1 billion
2020 Faced outage across the U.S. over bombing in Nashville, Tennessee
2021 AT&T sold Xandr to Microsoft

3. SWOT Analysis of AT&T

A detailed and objective SWOT analysis is constructed upon four main ideas; strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. As a communication service provider, they have a large customer base in the USA, Mexico, and Latin America. The AT&T SWOT analysis can allow you to find the strengths and weaknesses that affect their business. SWOT analysis of AT&T helps to find out the future opportunities in the market that may support their growth while identifying the threats that may act as hurdles in their way.


  • Superior Infrastructure: The company is one of the largest telecommunication companies. Therefore, they have a well-developed infrastructure. They also have resources to incorporate new technologies to provide better services. They have base stations and wireless stations that can allow them to offer robust wireless connectivity. Thus, their connection has high speed even in the metropolitan city areas.
  • Brand Value: AT&T is one of the top market dominators with a large customer base. They have already earned a stable position in the market and have a loyal customer base. The company has more than 120.6 million wireless subscribers and 16 million broadband subscribers (2014). Moreover, they also have a diverse service portfolio and a high brand value.
  • Marketing Strategies: AT&T is a top player in the field of communication. Therefore, they understand the need to implement robust marketing strategies to reach an enormous customer base. They consider customer demography and mindset for their potential customers while curating their marketing strategies. They also pay attention to customers’ needs while designing their portfolios.
  • Skilled Employees: The brand has more than 230,000 employees, and they try to use their set of skilled employees as assets to ensure the company’s growth. They organize multiple training programs for their staff and ensure they have enthusiasm, a crucial requirement to provide quality service in the communication field. As the technologies keep changing rapidly, the company tries to keep its employees updated about it.


  • Piling Debts: In recent years, AT&T has taken several debts from the market for fund acquisition. The debt keeps piling up. Thus, hampering their decisions on new technical incorporation.
  • Lack of investment in Research and Development: As telecommunication requires high-end technology, the company needs to upgrade the system to offer top-notch service. Though AT&T invests a good amount of its budget on research and development, that may be insufficient while they need to compete with other brands in the market.
  • Attrition of the Employees: AT&T is a huge company. So, it has a large workforce with a high attrition rate. The workers may experience exhaustion or look for better career options. However, this high attrition rate can harm the growth of the company.
  • Competitive market and less flexibility: Telecom market is rapidly changing. Therefore, flexibility to accommodate changes is very important. AT&T has a complex structure which makes it less flexible. It makes it difficult for them to survive in the competitive market where many new companies have entered the market.


  • International expansion and acquisitions: AT&T is a company that has already earned its name in the USA market. Moreover, it is known to many people outside its area of operation. They may target the international markets where demand is much higher to ensure a surge in sales. They can also consider acquisitions as a way to increase their revenue.
  • Investment in Research: The company needs to invest more in research to retain its top position in the telecom field. Bringing in new technology will increase their demand in the market. Moreover, their quality of service will also improve.
  • Employee Training: Though the attrition rate is high in the company, they can employ new people and train them thoroughly. The company may pay attention to the payscale and work-life balance to create belongingness among the employees.
  • Restructuring the payment: Today, consumers favor high bandwidth for better connectivity. Cloud computing, the internet, and similar services are also getting popular. The company needs to restructure its payment package, offers, and discounts to lure more customers. It will give them an upper hand in the competitive market.


  • High Competition: Currently, AT&T is facing stiff competition from regional players like Sprint, T-Mobile, and more. Thus, it is a significant threat to their business growth.
  • Price Issues: As many companies are providing similar services AT&T offers, the price war is increasing. Under pressure now, the company offers a competitive rate to ensure its survival while cutting down its profit margin.
  • Saturation: The present telecom market is nearly saturated, and the threat of over-saturation is increasing, considering new players are entering the market frequently. Thus, companies like AT&T are facing revenue losses.
  • Regulations: The company has to abide by the domestic rules for its operation in the USA. If they want international expansion, they may have to face problems due to irregularities of laws.

AT&T SWOT Analysis Diagram

Use EdrawMax to create a SWOT analysis diagram of AT&T. This free SWOT analysis creator comes with templates, symbols, and customization options that help create wonderful-looking SWOT analysis diagrams.

AT&T SWOT analysis diagram

4. Free SWOT Analysis Diagram Creator

As you saw from this free SWOT analysis diagram creator’s guide, drawing a SWOT analysis is easier than writing it down in detail. There are different software in the market that lets you draw a free SWOT analysis diagram creator, but most of them are clumsy, costly, and difficult to use if you are a beginner. Over the years, several small to big agencies have used EdrawMax to create different SWOT analysis diagrams over the years. The free SWOT analysis diagram software is powered with several advantages and features, like:

  • EdrawMax offers free SWOT analysis templates and symbols, ensuring that beginners will have an easy time while they work on their diagrams.
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  • Unlike other SWOT analysis software, EdrawMax has a rich template community that provides guides to work on complex diagrams.
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5. Key Takeaways

AT&T SWOT analysis is an essential tool that shows the brand’s position and business strategies. Its strengths and weaknesses can be identified using AT&T SWOT analysis, which has contributed to its present size in the market. You can also get an idea about the opportunities they might consider to expand their business. They may find the threats that can hinder their growth which they can remove with thorough strategies.

EdrawMax Online is one of those tools that not only let you create wonderful diagrams but also ensure that you can share them easily with your friends or colleagues. This SWOT analysis diagram creator lets you export your diagrams in multiple formats and on different social media platforms. Now create SWOT analysis diagrams using EdrawMax's templates and share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or even in your mail without worrying about privacy! Download EdrawMax today and create unique SWOT analysis diagrams per your business requirements.


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