Free Editable Graphic Organizer for Reading Comprehension Examples

Reading has always opened new doors to perception. However, not everyone consumes knowledge at the same pace. For that reason, the graphic organizers visually optimize and sort the facts inside the story for better understanding. Moreover, this increases the reading comprehension of users.

1. What is Graphic Organzier for Reading Comprehension

Graphic organizer for reading comprehension is a visualization and sequencing tool for readers and writers. It gives a transparent image of the ideas and concepts of written content. Moreover, it helps to visualize relationships between the components of a write-up.

1.1 How It Values The Reader

Reading an exceptional story or essay demands direct observation and undivided attention. Plus, reading comprehension is not the same for everyone. Some people capture the main idea in a matter of minutes, while some struggle to understand the basic concept for hours. The graphic organizer proves to be a blessing for these strugglers and turns the tables. It not only pictures the prime concept of the content but also simplifies the difficult notions of the write-up. Therefore, the reader can seize the most knowledge out of it with minimum effort.

1.2 How Does It Help The Writer

All writers want to engage the audience in their written content for an extended duration. However, doing it is not a piece of cake. Engaging content demands a creative mindset and in-depth research. In order to help, the graphic organizer jumps in. It helps the writer to outline the entire concept of the content. Long story short, it visualizes the fundamental idea of the write-up that allows grabbing the attention of the general audience. In general, the organizer helps the reader get what they were looking for without rehearsing the entire essay. It induces a positive response in the readers and allows the writer to easily push the main concept inside the reader's mind.

2. The Reading Graphic Organizer Examples

Using a graphic organizer for reading comprehension is not obligatory for every content. However, using it simplifies and organizes the concepts of the write-up that helps the reader. Plus, it has several other benefits.

  • It depicts the primary points of an essay or story in plain sight that helps the reader to understand it fully.
  • It organizes the complex and difficult-to-read write-ups in simple visualizations.
  • It engages the public and helps the writer to achieve the aim of written content.
  • It increases the worth of the essay or story and supplies maximum value to the readers in minimum effort and time.

Example 1: Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizer

While reading a story, readers tend to refer to its theme from their own point of view. This exemplary graphic organizer for reading helps them to override the bounded concept and look beyond it in the main character's shoes. Filling the above reading comprehension graphic organizer form enables them to summarize the story's main concept and different events. Moreover, answering the organizer's questions helps the reader understand character struggles and transitions. Academically, these types of organizers prove efficient in grade levels PreK and K5. Furthermore, these visualizations help the students to direct their school of thought toward the story's theme.

Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizer

Example 2: Graphic Organizer for Overall Reading Comprehension

An experienced writer tries to put in the most value for the readers. Therefore, an ideal write-up has more than one main idea to understand the collective concept and improve reading comprehension. These exemplary graphic organizers are based on a set of hierarchical models named Bloom's taxonomy. They aim to comprehensively visualize multiple ideas of a single passage with the help of examples and similar notion keywords. This example of a reading comprehension graphic organizer helps to summarize, restate, and paraphrase the primary ideas of a write-up. Moreover, it makes the content suitable and engaging for more than one type of audience.

Graphic Organizer for Overall Reading Comprehension

Example 3: Graphic Organizer for Reading Comprehension

This example type focus on the main idea and different details inside a story. It helps the students to understand the obvious learning aim of the story. The graphic organizer for reading comprehension comprises several sections with different details in each. For instance, sections ask what readers came across during the story and what they know about it. On top of that, these organizers make it much more engaging for the readers by asking them what they want to know more about the story line-up. Precisely, the reader can get all the essential story details from this sequenced graphical visualization.

Graphic Organizer for Reading Comprehension

Example 4: Graphic Organizer for Reading

This example of a graphic organizer for reading comprehension paves the reader's way to a better story reading and writing practice. It focuses on a story's three key points: the problem, the action induced by the problem, and its outcome. A brief explanation of these parts helps improve reading comprehension. Plus, it introduces the new writers to a story genre and lays the foundation for ideal story writing. Lastly, a simple, appealing question closes the deal. It engages the readers more inside the storyline and supplies them with a sense of commitment.

Graphic Organizer for Reading

Example 5: Opinion Graphic Organizer

Opinion graphic organizer is to write your opinion and opposing opinion on a certain topic. The template consists of 6 blocks to write content inside. The first is titled topic and this is where the topic headline should be written and the two opinions should be written on both sides. The second block is to write the reason for the first opinion and the third block is to write the reasons for the opposing opinion. The fourth block is titled supporting details/information and this should be the place for all supporting facts for the first opinion and there is another similar block for supporting facts of the second opinion. The last section is where a summary of the opinion, the reasons, and upcoming actions should be written.

Opinion Graphic Organizer

Example 6: Book Storyboard Graphic Organizer

A book writing is a pretty tricky thing to do and the entire process becomes pretty simple if one goes ahead and creates the storyboard of the novel at the very beginning. A storyboard is a series of drawings accompanied by a little bit of text, where each drawing details a particular plot point. A book storyboard is a visual representation of a book and it breaks down the action into individual panels. As shown in the book storyboard graphic organizer diagram, a book storyboard is a series of ordered drawings, with the book titles, key characters, and book categories. The graphic organizer of the book storyboard sketches out how a book will unfold, chapter by chapter, scene by scene.

Book Storyboard Graphic Organizer

Example 7: Graphic Organizer for Research Papers

The natural disaster writing organizer diagram is handy to write complete content. In the first part, you can enter a catchy sentence to grab the attention of the readers. In the next sections, you need to describe the causes of the natural disasters, and at the bottom, you should enter the closing sentence. There are different paragraphs to enter different aspects of the natural disaster. Each paragraph is dedicated to different topics such as where and when it occurred, the nature of the damage, real-life example related to that disaster, interesting facts in another. The last paragraph is the closing paragraph, where you are required to sum up everything related to the natural disaster you are describing. It should include one key point from all the previous paragraphs. By doing so, it will become good research content.

Graphic Organizer for Research Papers

Example 8: Elementary Graphic Organizer for Reading Comprehension

This is an elementary graphic organizer for reading comprehension. This graphic organizer presents different elements of the same story. This graphic organizer has six subsections, all of which contain different things about the story. The first section is the plot section. It will tell what happened in the story. The next box consists of the name of the characters in the story. The next subsection has the title and author's name. One box tells where the story, sets. The last two sections contain the problem and solution for the story. It will improve students's comprehension. They will be able to write their own ideas, settings, content of the story.

Elementary Graphic Organizer for Reading Comprehension

Example 9: Summary Graphic Organizers

Writing a summary is a difficult talent to acquire. To be able to write a good summary, you'll need a lot of time and experience. Students must be able to summarize a variety of texts, extracting only the major points and important details. Students frequently struggle with deciding how much and what portions to include in their summaries, which can quickly escalate into a complete rewrite of the text they're attempting to summarize.

Summary Graphic Organizers

3. How to Make a Reading Comprehension Graphic Organizer

Generating a graphic organizer for reading comprehension is a no-brainer. With minimum effort and simple steps, you can use the digital software to turn a blank canvas into an eye-catching visualization. The good thing is that it requires no extensive design expertise. The steps to produce a graphic organizer for reading are as follows.

Step 1 - Head on to EdrawMax Online or download EdrawMax. Make an account and log in to it.

Step 2 - Now get into the template community where pre-made templates are already present. Choose any one of your desire and make its copy by clicking "Duplicate."

Step 3 - Now revise that template. EdrawMax has tons of customization options. Add or remove details to your liking until you get what you were looking for.

Step 4 - Once satisfied with the design, export it and publish it onto the template community for reviews. Use the "Publish" button in the upper right corner to share it with the world.

4. Online Reading Graphic Organizer Maker

Generating a reading comprehension graphic organizer for readers involves no rocket science. Online platforms like EdrawMax Online make it even more easy and simple. Those days are gone when you had to work for hours in the stock paint shop to get a sequence diagram. With the help of EdrawMax, the trusted diagramming software; you can get your very own graphic organizer for reading comprehension as you desire in a matter of minutes. On top of that, its user-friendly interface helps the users to comfortably work without any confusion.

Its biggest pro is the Templates Community, with thousands of readymade templates for users. In this social biome, you can not only pick the one that suits you well but share your ideas with the community as well.

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5. Key Takeaways

Graphic organizer for reading comprehension not only enhances the reading ability of the reader but the write-up quality as well. It helps the user to understand long, complex essays and stories without wasting hours reading them repeatedly. The organized and simpler visuals help concise the entire idea of the write-up. Additionally, the graphical organizers help facilitate skills like reading comprehension and story writing at home and in classrooms. The online graphical tools made it much easier to transform any tough write-up into a simple visualization within a short amount of time.

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