How to Create a Block Diagram

A block diagram is a high-level perspective diagram that helps identify points of interest and weak points that might be needed for troubleshooting, comprehensive planning and implementation. Here, we will see what a block diagram is and how to make a block diagram .

1. What to Know Before Create a Block Diagram?

A block diagram can later be described in further detail using the internal block diagram. An Internal Block Diagram is particular to a single block and shows its internal structure details. It may show parts, properties, ports, connectors and interfaces. As we compared the block diagram with a black box, you may think of an internal diagram as a white box perspective of a single block. Here we will walk you through how to create a block diagram online.

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The first step to the creation of a block diagram is the analysis phase. Since it is an initial level diagram, you will only need to identify the major blocks and the relationships or transitions between the entities. The other things that are part of the analysis phase are what type of data, details, signals, or material will flow between the blocks and the direction of the flow. Once all these details are finalized, you can move on to the actual construction of the Diagram.

Elements of a Block Diagram

Create Block diagrams online show simplified explanations of relationships, such as how to block components related to one another, what type of data, details, signals, or material flow between the elements, and what direction they flow.

The elements of block diagrams are very basic and are described in detail below.

Block: A block is the main component of a block diagram and is used to show both the logical and physical components of the system. It is a rectangular-shaped figure and encapsulates the properties, behaviors and constraints of the component. A block is a high-level general term that can specify software, hardware, mechanical or persons and can later be decomposed into parts that internal block diagrams can later describe.

Part: Parts are all aspects that are modeled through aggregation and association.

Reference: Reference has all the parts developed through the relationships or inheritance, including aggregation and association.

Relationships: While blocks are the main components of a block diagram, they are not the only important entities. Relationships between blocks play an essential role in the final depiction of the system. These relationships may take any form of the following.

  • Association shows communication among the blocks.
  • Aggregation shows the parts of a block.
  • A composition is a form of aggregation in which the block relies on the presence of the parts.
  • Generalization is a relationship in which one block contains the properties of all constituent blocks.

2. How to Create a Block Diagram?

EdrawMax is an online solution to all your drawing and modeling needs. You can use the drag and drop features and customization tools for clean and easy-to-read diagrams. Let us see how to make block diagrams step by step in EdrawMax online.

Step 1: Setup and Login

Setup your account and login to your account at EdrawMax Online.

Step 2: Begin to Create

After login, go to EdrawMax Online, and select General>Basic Diagram on the left-hand navigation bar.

how to make a block diagram online

Step 3: Choose Template or Create Yourself

In the next window, you will see different templates to assist with the construction of block diagrams. You can select any template that matches your needs closely and then build upon it. However, if you want to explore how to make a block diagram from scratch, click the “+” tile in the lower pane of the main window.

how to make a block diagram online

Step 4: Drag and Drop Your Blocks

Here, you are free to explore your creativity and create block diagrams online. Drag and drop your blocks in 3D or 2D form. You can also customize your Diagram with colors and textures.

how to make a block diagram online

However, if you want to use the already available templates for creating block diagrams online, use the collection template.

how to make a block diagram online

Step 5: Select the Template

When you want to draw a block diagram with templates, select the template according to your needs.

how to make a block diagram online

Step 6: Customize the template

Now you can use the symbols and shapes to customize the template.

how to make a block diagram online

Step 7: Save Your Work

Last but not least, save your Diagram in Cloud, Drive or Dropbox.

how to make a block diagram online

Step 8: Export to Any Format

You can also export your technical diagrams in PDF, Word, PowerPoint, HTML and many other formats.

how to make a block diagram online

Benefits of Using EdrawMax Online

  • A Block diagram is an initial level diagram to give a high-level view of the entire system.
  • EdrawMax is simple to use and is available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Online for widespread usage for making block diagrams online.
  • The export option is available in many formats.
  • Ready-made templates are a huge support for beginners. It saves a lot of time and effort.

Cons of Using EdrawMax Online

  • Too many features need time for exploring.
  • The library of symbols has room for improvement.

3. Online Block Diagram Maker

EdrawMax Online offers a free online block diagram maker so you can try the tools and navigate your way through block diagrams of your choice.

EdrawMax Online

Why Choose EdrawMax Online

  • Create over 280 diagram types
  • Supports team collaboration
  • Personal cloud & data protection
  • Print, share and download
  • Powerful template community

4. Expert Tips for Making Block Diagram

  1. Always strive for clean-looking and consistent diagrams. Make sure the size of the symbols and shapes are consistent throughout the Diagram.
  2. A consistent color scheme also makes diagrams clear and easy to read.
  3. Avoid orphan decision nodes. I.e., any decision node should have branches for both positive and negative results.
  4. Keep scalability in mind.
  5. Do not overcrowd your Diagram to fix it on one page. You can always attach supplementary diagrams for further details.

5. FAQ About Creating Block Diagram

1. What are the basic components of block diagrams?

The basic components of a block diagram are blocks, parts, relationships and references. Blocks are the basic entity of the system, which can be physical or logical. Relationships are connections and aggregations.

2. What are the advantages of block diagrams?

Block diagrams give us a high-level view of the system, which serves as the basic blueprint of the expectations from the solution. You can later expand it for further details. Since it has fewer details, it can easily be modified and scaled without much effort, which is inevitable in the initial phases of development.

3. How can I convert a block diagram to a circuit diagram?

A Block diagram is a higher-level abstraction of a design. It lacks internal connections and structure. Therefore, you cannot directly convert it into a circuit diagram. It is precisely for a general illustration of design or data flow among the blocks.

6. Key Takeaways

Block diagrams are a great tool for showing a high-level overview of your system to different stakeholders and team members. EdrawMax Online is a highly sophisticated block diagram maker for drawing block diagrams online that are editable, scalable and easy to draw. Not only is the construction of diagrams easy, but it also allows the export of the final Diagram in multiple formats for easy distribution among the departments.

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