How to Create a Doughnut Chart in Tableau

A doughnut chart is a simple pie chart with a cut-out center. As understood by the name, it is a chart in the shape of a doughnut. It is designed to show a “part-to-whole” relationship. All the parts of the doughnut chart as a whole represent 100%.

A Doughnut chart can be quickly built in Tableau. If you want to learn the step-by-step procedures of how to create a Doughnut chart in Tableau, then keep reading this article.

How would you like to create your Doughnut Chart?

How to Create a Doughnut Chart in Tableau

Step 1: Select Pie Chart Type

Open Tableau software on your computer, after connecting to Sample-Superstore, you need to select Pie Chart as your chart type from the Marks card.

Step 2: Drag the Category tab to Colors marks card

Now you need to drag the Category tab from the Dimensions section to the Colors Marks card. A pie chart will then appear on the sheet 1. You can see the Pie chart in the picture below.

drag category to colors marks card

Now, move the Sales tab from the Measures section to the first Size Marks card and then to the Label Marks card. When you drag the Sales tab to Size and Label, the values will show up on the Pie chart. You can see the sales values showing on the Pie chart in the below image.

drag sales tab to size and label

Step 3: Move the Number of Records

Now, move the Number of Records field to the Rows shelf. The interface will look like this as in the below image.

number of records

Step 4: Set Measures to Minimum

Then set the Measures to Minimum on the right-clicking contextual menu.

set measure to minimum

Step 5: Drag the Number of Records

Now, drag the Number of records from the Measures section and drop it on the Rows shelf again.

drag number of record

Step 6: Select Dual Axis option

Change Measures from Sum to Minimum for the newly added Number of Records. Then right-click on the new Number of records and select the Dual Axis option.

select dual axis

Step 7: Set a White Background

Now select the Min (Number of Records) (2) from the Marks card and undo step 2.

Reduce the size of the Min (Number of Records) (2) and set the background color to white. You can see the doughnut chart in the below picture. 

set white background

How to Create a Doughnut Chart in EdrawMax

Step 1: Log in to your EdrawMax account

To create a Doughnut chart in EdrawMax Online, log in to your EdrawMax account. If you haven’t used EdrawMax, you can sign up for a free account.

Step 2: Find the Doughnut Tab

From the New menu, click Graphs and Charts and then choose the Doughnut tab. There are many pre-made doughnut chart templates on the below panel. You can create a doughnut chart using a template, or open a blank template to make a Doughnut chart from scratch.

edrawmax doughnut chart

Step 3: Choose a Suitable Template

Click on any template from the available options below the Doughnut menu. When you click on a template, it will open in a new window with the EdrawMax online editor. You can see a Doughnut template revamped in the editor window in the below image.

open doughnut template

Step 4: Edit your Doughnut Chart

When opened in the editor, you can edit the content in the template and replace it with your data to create a Doughnut chart based on your data. As you can see in the above picture, there are different colors in every part of the chart. 

If you want to change the chart type, select the Attributes, and then click the Change Type tab.

When you create a Doughnut chart using a template, the template has some pre-set values. To modify the values, select the Data on the right panel. Then you’ll be able to replace the pre-set values and add more categories to the chart as well.

How to Save an Edraw Chart as a Common File

After you have created your doughnut chart in EdrawMax, you can save it in different formats. It is a natural process of two steps. Follow the below steps to export your doughnut chart as a common file.

Step 1: Select Export

The Export option is on the drop-down menu of the File tab, and before you are going to export the document, you can save it on the local storage or the cloud like Google Drive and Dropbox in case there is an accident.

Step 2: Choose your format.

From the Export menu, select any format you want, and your doughnut chart will be saved as the selected format on your computer.

edraw export option

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