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Why to Make a Travel Brochure

Our world is filled with stunning views and constructions that deserve to be explored. Travel lets you unravel and see all these gems. While the Internet gives you every information that you need to plan your next trip, there is another old but useful tool, i.e., a travel brochure. A smartly designed and printed travel brochure can attract many tourists.

For those who don’t know, a brochure is a three-fold leaflet or pamphlet designed to spread awareness and information about a particular topic. Hence, travel brochures are used to attract different tourists. Travel agencies, restaurants, tourism offices, museums, art galleries, and local motels are all examples of businesses that could use a travel brochure.

If your business can profit from the tourism industry, you need to make a beautiful travel brochure to attract your target audience. Prepare a travel brochure now using Edraw Max Online. It is effortless to use a travel brochure maker, which can be used for free.

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What to Do for Preparing a Travel Brochure

Designing and creating a travel brochure is not just as simple. You can use any online travel brochure maker to design a brochure, but first, you need to know some basics. To prepare a travel brochure, you need to follow specific criteria to make the process efficient and effective.

Here are three main things that you should do before you make a travel brochure:

Written Content

First and foremost, you need to decide what information you want to convey to the tourists. Based on that information, create engaging written content that needs to be printed on the brochure. Be descriptive and tell the travelers why they will visit these tourist attractions.

Attractive Images

Use attractive pictures to draw the readers towards the brochure. The more beautiful the brochure is, the more people would want to read it. Visual elements like photographs are a great tool to pull in readers. Make sure you use high-quality pictures to portray a luxurious image of what you are offering.

Use a template

Using a predesigned travel brochure template will make your task way more straightforward and less time-consuming. Let’s face it, and not everyone is born as a design expert, so designing online holiday brochures with a template will save you from a poorly designed brochure. A great online travel brochure maker that comes with many different templates is Edraw Max Online. Use Edraw to create a travel brochure right now!

How to Make a Travel Brochure Quickly

As stated earlier, a simple and easy way of designing a stunning brochure is Edraw Online Max. This versatile graphic creator can help you create a travel brochure with the help of an attractive template.

Follow our guide to learn how to make a travel brochure in just a few simple steps.

Step 1 – Open Edraw Max Online

Launch your browser and open Edraw Max Online using this link:

Step 2 – Select Brochure

Select the New tab and scroll down to Graphic Design in the white-colored navigation pane on the left. Edraw will give you different options such as Poster, Banner, and Annual Report, etc. Click on Brochure and wait for the templates to load.

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Step 3 – Select a Template

Now select a free travel brochure template from Edraw Max that suits your needs. Once you click on a model, Edraw Max Online will launch a new tab to edit and customize the template.

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Step 4 – Customize your Travel Brochure

Now edit the template as you like. Add descriptive text and relevant images. Use the formatting and editing tools on the right side of the screen to adjust or change any feature of the brochure. Once you have edited the brochure. Close the tabs on both sides of the screen by clicking on << and >>.

Step 5 – Save your Travel Brochure

Save your Edraw Max Online travel brochure for future edits and sharing by going to the File tab and select the desired option. You can export your Edraw Max document as other common file types such as Excel, Word, and PDF, etc. Edraw also allows users to share and save files online on Dropbox and Google Drive

Our guide on how to make a travel brochure using free templates from Edraw Max Online concludes here.

Visit More Free Travel Brochure Templates

You can also use these free travel brochure templates from Edraw Max.

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travel agency sales brochure

Tourism Information Brochure Template – Use this minimalistic template to attract different travelers to plan their next vacation.

tourism information brochure

Church Profile Brochure Template – Spread the word about your Church among tourists and the church community using this sophisticated Church brochure template.

church profile brochure
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