Harley Davidson SWOT Analysis

An In-Depth SWOT Analysis of Harley Davidson
Harley Davidson swot analysis

1. Background of Harley Davidson

1.1. General Overview of Harley Davidson

Company Name

Harley Davidson


Jochen Zeitz (2020r- Present)

Company Type


Year Founded


Number of Employees



William, S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, William A. Davidson.

Area Served

In York, Pennsylvania, Milwaukee, Missouri (although this is closed by May 2019), Wisconsin, Kansas City, Brazil, India, and Bawal.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S

Operating Income

The US $ 891 million (2017)

1.2. Introduction to Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a reputed brand of motorcycle. It is an American manufacturer of the motorcycle that is about 118 years old. Besides being an important name in the Indian market, this brand is one of America's notable motorcycle brands that survived during the Great Depression.

1.3. Development Timeline of Harley Davidson


Two brothers named William Harley and Arthur Davidson built their introductory motorcycle company.


The introduction of the first V-twin engine took place during this time.


Introduction of the Knucklehead. It was the company’s first overhead-valve engine. The company survived during the significant depression period.


Manufactured more than 90,000 motorcycles during this time. Used by the U.S Military.


The introduction of the new model, the XL Sportster Model, took place during this time.


The introduction of the FX Super Glide model happened this year.


Evolution V-twin engine got its introduction. The Softail model got debuted.


The brand equipped the V-Rod with a liquid-cooled engine.


The company celebrates its 100th anniversary.

2. SWOT Analysis of Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is a reputed motorcycle company. However, to sustain their position, Harley-Davidson SWOT analyses are required. Nowadays, it is highly essential to determine the internal factors that lead to its strengths and weaknesses. The strength of the company can increase the revenue of the company. Even the company helps to improve their actions based on their opportunities and threats. One can analyze this with the help of Harley Davidson SWOT analysis.

2.1. SWOT Analysis of Harley Davidson in Detail


For any company, it is crucial to know their strengths as those features have earned them a name. When they are working on their weakness, they need to retain their strengths. These can help them to earn a better status in the highly competitive market. Like most other companies Harley Davidson have some strength:

  • The brand is the leading company of motorcycle;
  • The company has well-built brand loyalty and equity;
  • It has a solid global sales hold due to its' great financial position;
  • The company manufactured high-quality products;
  • The brand has a good hold in social media, which helps them to become famous icons;
  • The marketing of this company is excellent;
  • The company is accessible in more than 60 countries.

A company may have some weaknesses, but they can also change them into their strengths with some steps. They need to judge their conditions while spotting their weaknesses to include appropriate policies to negate them. Harley Davidson also has some weaknesses:

  • This company has intense competition with other motorcycle companies;
  • It results in limited growth in the market share of the brand;
  • The brand has faced many allegations regarding environmental pollution.

When a company is working on their strategies and making future goals, they need to recognize their opportunities. Since several coffee chains offer variety in menus and ensure inclusivity, the market competition is getting high. Thus, companies like Harley Davidson need to consider their opportunities while doing Harley Davidson SWOT analysis. Here are some opportunities that they can work on to have a better status in the competitive market:

  • Along with the rapid emergence of the market and the brand is expanding worldwide. It works as an excellent opportunity for the company;
  • The business grows due to the diversification in their products and expanded service. It is a massive opportunity for the company to increase its business;
  • Even the company believe in customers demand. Thus, they have updated themselves with good sales in women's bikes. Like for example, women riders bought around 15000 motorcycles each year. Moreover, women's bike sales also increased by 12% in 2006;
  • The brand already has its own set of loyal followers. It helps to drag the young customers. Now, this helps to install low as well as heavyweight vehicles. In return, this works as an aid to improve the base of customers;
  • The brand has a significant impact on the Asian and European markets. There are deficient, rather no participants for competing in this sector. Thus, this leads to a massive opportunity for this brand. It increases their market demand as well.

A company that is surviving in a highly competitive market must have some threats. They should take some measures to cushion those threats to develop a solid policy to achieve their future goals:

  • Other manufacturers from the same segments can affect this brand's business;
  • Changes in politics, government, taxes, and such things, ripple the brand's business. The change in government or politics often leads to undulation in the company's business;
  • The company's 65% sales depend on the U.S market, which leads to internal distress;
  • The low-cost competitor works like a significant threat for this brand;
  • Even the product's substitutions act as a massive threat for this motorcycle brand.

Harley Davidson swot analysis

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3. Key Takeaways

The Harley Davidson SWOT analysis helps the brand to identify the company's internal and external factors. Based on this, the brand can figure out the strategies to increase its sales. Even SWOT-analysis helps to determine the numerous opportunities to hold their market position. Hence, the following recommendations with regards to the SWOT analysis.

  1. Creative skills, innovation, and diversification in products can broaden their market hold onto in this segment;
  2. The brand needs to have a global expansion. The products need to spread throughout the world. It leads to a significant impact on the sales of the company;
  3. The change in the business strategies helps to expand the supply chain. It supports the expansion of the sales and manufacture of the product of the company;
  4. Innovations in the brand's products can upgrade the company's market position. Even the products need to be environmentally friendly as well.

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