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Set Date Options & Insert Columns

To set date options, you can

  1. Select the Gantt chart;
  2. Click Option in Gantt Chart pane.

In the pop-up Set Date windows, you can change a series of options and formats.

gantt option window

To insert Gantt columns, you can

  1. Select the Gantt chart;
  2. Click Columns in Gantt Chart pane;
  3. Tick the column name that you want to add;
  4. Click OK.

Usually in the pre-defined Gantt chart, the columns of Start Date, Finish Date, Duration and Complete are shown by default in the pop-up Insert Gantt Column window.

insert gantt chart column window

To hide a Gantt column, you can find the column name in the pop-up and cancel the checkmark.

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