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Insert Table

To insert a table, you can

  1. Go to Insert tab and choose Table, or press Ctrl + Alt + T directly;
  2. In the pop-up Insert Table window, input the desired numbers of rows and columns;
  3. insert table window
  4. Besides, when you want to see different colors shown on the title, rows and columns, check the corresponding options and choose the desired colors on the color menu.

To customize a table, select the table, then you can click Table icon table icon on the right sidebar.

In the Table Properties pane,, you can

  1. Modify Table Styles:
    • Modify the numbers of rows and columns in the corresponding number boxes;
    • Check and Apply colors to the title, banded rows or columns of the table;
    • Margin: Change the look of the table margin in 4 different types (No, Narrow, Normal, Wide);
    • Border: Change the look of the table borders.
  2. Insert/Delete Rows & Columns: select a table cell, row or column, click the corresponding buttons to add rows or columns in different orientations, or delete the selected row or column.
  3. Merge/Split Cells: select the table cells that you want to merge or split, click Merge Cells or Split Cells.
  4. Distribute Rows & Columns: when the width of columns or the height of rows are different in a table, select the columns or rows, click Distribute Columns or Distribute Rows to make the columns or the rows distribute evenly.
  5. table properties pane

In the Table Data pane,, you can

  • Import data: click Import > Local Import to import the data file (xlsx or csv) that you need into the built-in worksheet.
  • Export data: click Export to export the table into different types of files (xlsx or csv).
  • table data pane

Apart from importing data, you can also input the table data by:

  • Double-click on the cells of the table and type numbers or text into them;
  • Double-click on the cells of the worksheet on the Table Data pane and type numbers or text into them.
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