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Page Operations

To add pages in a file, you can click the plus icon on the status bar to add new pages.

add page icon

To rename a page, you can right-click the page name that you want to change, choose Rename Page, edit the new name and click any other area to confirm it. Or you can click on the page name directly and type the new name.

rename page
rename page

To duplicate a page, you can right-click the page that you want to copy, choose Duplicate Page.

To delete a page, you can right-click the page that you want to delete, choose Delete Page.

To rearrange pages, you can right-click any page, choose Rearrange Page and rearrange the page order by dragging up or down these page names in the pop-up window.

rearrange page window

To see the preview of all the pages, you can click the preview icon the preview icon to open the preview window.

preview page pane
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